Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Choke From The North South Position - lockflow.com

Side Control

Marcelo Garcia begins the position with the
guard already passed, pinning his opponent
in side control.

Begin attack

Marcelinho begins the attack (by starting to)
positioning his left arm at the hip of the
black belt Fabio Clemente.
Hip control

Notice how the Aliance star's hip is low
and his legs are pulled in, bent at the knees.

Arm reach

In the next step, Marcelinho passes his
right arm in front of Fabio Clemente's face
until he fits his armpit into his opponent's
neck. With that done...


Garcia puts his legs back, with the angle
wide open. In this position Marcelinho
has an excellent base and still has all his
weight concentrated on his friends chest,
to make it even more difficult for the one
on the bottom to move.

Hip positioning

Next, Marcelinho positions himself
sideways, resting his hip on the ground,
From here, Garcia moves in the direction
of Clemente's head as though he were the
hand of a clock and, in so doing, ....


opens up room to pass his arm through
till his left hand meets his right wrist


Upon carrying out the choke hold,
Marcelo puts pressure on the torso of the
Machado brother's black belt, while
exerting pressure with his arms. Fabio
can only give up.


Jeroen Lynders said...

Cool, we'll play with that one when we start no-gi training after the Pan Pacs. Thanks Paul. I Garcia caught a few guys with this choke at the recent ADCC finals earlier this year.

Bart said...

I love watching Marcello do his thing. The north south choke is one of the most underused submissions, IMO.

Anonymous said...

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