Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dominance MG Tournament April 2009

Got some fights posted on youtube of the last Dominance tournament. They had a good turn out and it was great to see a strong showing from Ringwood and some of the guys from Chadstone competing. We all did pretty well and it was run as per Dominance tournys, relaxed, free flowing and plenty of action.

They are gearing up to run the next one in May (Gi) as a submission tournament. That is the fight doesn't stop until one of the competitors submits the other and it will be when you lose your out.

I liked the following match of Equipe Jucao competing in the black belt division at the 2009 NY International Open. I liked the way he hooks the other guys leg from guard and sits up to claim the leg and sweep. Very Jasonesque!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Victorian BJJ Championships

Well done to everyone from all the Extreme JJG Clubs. Acheiving second overall as a team was fantastic. What an honour to watch Bernie Jenkins from Ringwood Extreme compete and Carlos "The Portugese" give Dave Hart a lesson or two!! And lets remember Dave is no slouch having beaten Rodney Ellis in past comps but Carlos is from another Planet, Planet Brazil!!!

With the infiltration of some pretty good wrestlers, it would be fantastic if Cris Brown stepped in and showed em how its done!!!

Anyway I'm finally and slowly uploading our matches up on to youtube. Just type in 2009 Victorian BJJ Championships in the search engine and they should be there.

See you on the mat!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

triangle escape

Try this, see if it's Jason proof!!!!!

Counters to 2 Common Half Guard Passes

Stephan Kesting from shows two common half guard passes, and then teaches you how to take advantage of those positions and sweep your opponent.