Saturday, July 5, 2008

Extreme Gradings

Attended my second grading last night with big Rick and a mate who tagged along for a look. Rick and I didn't do the gradings due to a dodgy back and knee respectively however we were still thrilled to a part of the night. Jeroen got his third stripe, Jason his purple, Dave got his blue and Nhial and Chris picked up another stripe each. It was pretty cool to see all of the Extreme Instructors on the mat and even better when Coach gave each of them their Black Belts!!! First time he's ever given out black belts and 4 to boot!!!! With all the new colours given out we should have a huge showing at the Pan Pacs this year! What I wouldn't give to see Chris BROWN and Bernie Jenkins getting amongst the black belts out there....

Well done to all who graded and if anyone from Ringwood ar Chadstone, or Interstate for that matter reads this, we've got plenty of room for you on the mat in Mornington!!

Warming Up

Warmup Rolling With The Instructors