Monday, August 24, 2009

UFC 102

Australian Cup 2009, Adelaide

8 of us rode a Virgin all the way to Adelaide and back for this years Aus Cup and had what I think was a sussessful trip even if the medal count didn't reflect it. I think Jeroen was the stand out making all of his matches look easy, even the two that he lost and Trav in his first gi match of the tournament also looked very confident. Marco and Slym were both unlucky getting bullshit decisions against them and Chris cant wait to face the big fella in the gi who did nothing until the last 2 minutes then stalled. I didnt see all of Pete's match but heard it was a good battle even though he lost. For me I lost my gi match to an experienced competitor and was pleased that I didn't get submitted and learnt the value of a game plan. he had one I didn't!!! My no gi match was the most intense role I've ever had again losing on points but scrambled well and I pushed the pace or kept up with it!!!! I'm seroiusly considering becoming a referee for the pan pacs so that I can A. understand the rules more thoroughly B. Be unbiased C. Get a free t-shirt!!! Lets all try and have a big contingent for the Pan Pacs this year and get amongst it again.....