Saturday, October 6, 2007

F*#%@EN INJURIES!!!!!!!

Just when you think you're rolling along training hard and making some progress (not to mention loving every minute of it!) BAM, something gives!!!!! The ligament on the inside of my right knee has been giving me grief for about 2 weeks now. Training today went well however. Took it easy with the knee but still felt soreness when it was in a particular position, defending a guard pass attempt! I must have been going to well defending Rick's attempts to pass my guard as he decided to squash my previously injured left thumb with his arse!!!! Bloody WOFTAM.....

Which leads to my favourite saying: "Go to Safeway, buy yourself a six pack of Harden Up and drink the fucken lot!!!!"

Oh by the way, thanks guys for the knee guards!

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Steve's Stuff said...

Paul, Paul, Paul, what can I say. Did you learn nothing when training with