Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last of 2008 Australian Champions Cup

Jason won this one nicely unfortunately I only got the last minute or so on video....

Marco lost this close encounter by an advantage I think?

Monday, October 20, 2008

More 2008 Australian Champions Cup

Big Chris had a scrappy first roll for a well earned win!

Rick doing what he does best squashing the bejeezus out of someone!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More 2008 Australian Champions Cup 2008

Dave's first roll as a blue belt.....

Marco's first roll against a dogged opponent!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

More 2008 Australian Champions Cup

Jason's second match against a very good Brazillian guy from Perth....

Jeroen's first match against a Peter De Been guy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

2008 Australian Champions Cup

What a great weekend!!! After a bit of a delay getting there we landed in good old Hobart, Tasmania and shuttled off to our accomodations arriving at about 11.30 pm Friday night. Coach Ralph (more on that later and yes I know I'll pay for it) Jason, Dave, Chris, Brett and Big Rick decided that they needed/wanted/were going to get a feed so we traipsed around the Casino until we found a place. Marco, looking decidedly hungry yet unable to eat due to making weight, snacked on coffee and ice cubes!!

Saturday morning after a light breakfast (more coffee and ice cubes for Marco) we headed to the venue for the days competition. We all weighed in easily. especially and not surprisingly Marco and funnily enough Big Rick who they told not to bother!! Then it was hurry up and wait!

Marco was up first and faced some very tough competition in his no gi division. I thought he'd placed in the medal count and was very surprised when he came away empty handed. He executed some really nice take downs and worked well from on top.

Dave was up next in Gi for his first comp as a blue belt. He lost to the eventual winner and standing there watching the match and then reviewing it on video, he could of won it if he got his angry eyes on!!!! Someone (not me) needs to slap him around the head prior to going on the mat to get him fired up then god help whoever is in front of him! Still 2 bronzes for gi and no gi aint all bad.

Big Chris and Rickasauros competed in the same division but did not end up rolling against each other. Chris did well in his first match and then tried to slap some fire in to his second opponent who was content with basically doing absolutely NOTHING until the last minute where he managed a takedown to win. Rick squashed the shit out of him in the final to take the Gold which unfortunately gave the bronze to the bloke he squashed before. Mind you the big fella had a harder time of it this comp and was exhausted come the Gi division and lost his first match by a takedown.

Jason and Jeroen competed well in their respective weight divisions winning their first matches convincingly. Jeroen got tapped by a bloke who was in or trains with the Australian Olympic Judo Team. Jason got tapped by this funky Brazillian guy who was all over the place and the same guy managed to beat Jeroen on points in the Open Weight division.

Brett TAMBLYN from Ringwood Extreme dominated in his blue belt division to take two Golds against some tough competition.

I guess that leaves me. I won my first two Gi matches and then got caught in an armbar in my third to lose to the eventual winner which gave me the Bronze. No Gi I lost my first match on points to the eventual winner but felt very comfortable playing seated guard and growing in confidence with each competition. Thinking about my matches afterwards I was happy with the way I controlled the pace but I realised that a lot of stuff I've been taught (and taught very well) goes out of my head. Practice and experience will helpfully improve my skill retention!!

So the Coach Ralph thing...... Sorry Tambo what happens on tour stays on tour!!!! See you on the mat!