Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brother IZ

Life is full of surprises isn't it? Most surprises come early when you're young and growing up and I suppose everything is a surprise then. My kids are constantly surprised with the basic things we as adults don't think twice about. But the joy you get in the amazement your kids exude is a surprise and a pleasure combined! As we grow up and learn to accept and embrace our emotions (stay with me here) and loosen the chains of embarrassment, we open ourselves up to surprises that we may have otherwise turned our back on. Now without wanting to sound like a complete poofter here, the surprises I love the most are the ones that move me emotionally. To me they are the best because you can't fake an emotion to please yourself only others. For example the birth of my first child had me crying with joy and worry at the same time. Joy when I heard his first cry and worry for my wife who did it pretty tough. The sudden and unexpected death of my father that still makes me cry now when I think of him.... So true surprises the older you get are few and far between. Brother IZ is a true surprise!!! The following clip is a tribute to this 38 year old Hawaiian singer who died in 1997. I first heard of him a couple of years ago and was honestly truly surprised by the emotion he brings out in you when he sings... To look at this huge overweight man wearing a straw hat with flowers and holding a tiny ukulele in his meaty hands you can't help but think "spare me" then he plays the damn thing and sings and bugger me if the world is not a better place!!!! Surprises I love them!


MorseyRuns said...

Hey Smithy- bloglines didn't like you there for a while but I think I have sorted it out. This seems so much more your thing than running on the treadmill to make Steve happy! I am struggling with knee pain right now too- just started on anti-inflams and a stinky rest period :(
Looking forward to reading about your pain, I mean wrestling.

Steve's Stuff said...

As Sarah says, this seems to be your thing. As long as you please yourself, that's all that matters.