Thursday, October 18, 2007


This Saturday 20/10/07 at the Dominance MMA club in Richmond is the Dominance MG (Mixed Grappling) Spring Tournament. Divisions are decided by experience and weight
in a round robin style of competition. it will be a good ice breaker for the lead up to the Pan Pacs for an idea of competition rolling, etc. The Nileinator and I will be flying the flag for Mornington Extreme and I'm really looking forward to it. Had a roll with Jeroen and Jason yesterday and understandably it was like Bruce Lee playing with Chuck Norris, however, I always learn something and did so on this occasion. The lesson I learnt was don't try and pass Jason's guard (or anyone's for that matter) by holding onto his gi pants UNLESS you have an extremely good grip on said gi pants. Apart from the obvious reasons for having a good grip, when he kicked his leg to release the grip, my fingers got wrenched apart and (just like my toe) my ring finger is now the size of a small watermelon!!!! Live and learn.... So lots of ice, drugs and tape between now and Saturday and I'll be right! Photos to follow.... See you on the mat!

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