Thursday, October 25, 2007

Future Champions

I took my eldest son Grant to Judo training last night with Dave and his kids Harry and Charlee who both train as well. They train with the Mormington Judo Club in Vale Street, Mornington and Grant has been training for a month or so now. The coach there is Michael Picken - 5th Dan black belt who has a fantastic ability to teach his young students. Both Grant and Harry were graded last night to yellow belt. Harry being older and training longer then Grant, went back to white belt (he had a birthday) then got graded to an older yellow belt if that makes sense. Both did very well and it was fun to watch them both rolling with each other, Harry getting Grant in his guard and trying to sweep him while Grant was trying to posture up... Now where did they learn these skills??? Give these kids another 5 years and they'll be twisting and cranking and throwing us around I'm sure!!!! I look forward to Wednesday nights to see my boy training and to discuss Tuesday nights training with Dave. I'm sure some of the other parents stare in wonder at these two Dad's rolling around on the stage.....

Grant showing some nice form

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