Saturday, October 13, 2007

Biorythyms Go Up......

Great training session today. My knee was still a bit niggly during rolling but held up well. I managed to get Rick in side control then north south and pretty much kept this position throughout (thank fuck!!!) Rolled with Wes next (welcome back mate) and then Marco. I was happy with howI moved and managed to make a good account of myself. I'm concentrating on moving quicker from position to position and looking for legs to grab on to and it worked for me today. The MMA class was great and I picked up a valuable footwork tip from Dave. Thanks mate. I gotta get some new gear!!! I've had my 16 ounce gloves since I was 17 and the laces are a pain in the arse.... Thank fuck the boys got me a set of knee pads as they make a huge difference when rolling and training. Cheers again!

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