Monday, May 5, 2008

Victorian Championships

What a day and night...... The usual long q signing in then weighing in (surely at least 2 scales would help?) and then what will go down in history, especially for Nial, as "the long wait"!!!!

Time delays aside it was a great day run in the usual good spirit of sportsmanship that I've seen in all BJJ comps I've been in. There were a couple of notable sooky lala's who obviously didn't like losing but overall fantastic.

Dave after a year off of comps let nerves get the better of him!!!!! Happens to the best and certainly looking at his competition and knowing first hand how Dave rolls, it was his competitor's good fortune that this was the case!! His courage and pit bull attitude was obvious when his dodgy shoulder nearly got relocated to his back!

I managed a silver in the gi masters white 79 - 85 kg after a hard fought first win which left me absolutely gassed out!!!! Nearly tapped out my opponent in the final when he crossed his feet in front of me when he had my back! No sour grapes here and he was well ahead on points but the middle of a submission attempt is not the time to stop and ask the ref if it's a legal move!!!

Got the gold in the no gi masters white 79 - 85 kg after holding out a Kimura attempt from my opponent right down to the dying seconds. He was an extremely flexible grappler and I was defending for most of the match.

Jeroen waltzed his way through to a gold in the purple big fellas adult category and then was unlucky to lose his first match in the open. There was a guard pass and back control that the ref didn't award points for that was clearly right in front of me! Hope someone got it on video!

Rickasauros dominated in the effing big fella adult white division with an undefeated run landing him 3 gold medals.

Klaus started well and was ahead on points when he got back swepped and mounted and then in typical Klaus fashion, left it until his arm was nearly torn off before tapping from an arm bar!

Marco fought very well and was beaten by the eventual winner who has been traing with the Olympic Judo team and some crazy Romanian wrestling guy!

Nial again put up a gutsy and very technical battle and nearly secured a berth to the final with a flying armbar attempt that just missed!

I didn't have my camera this time but I'll get some footage from Chris and put it on this week. Well done to all of us including the Chady and Ringwood boys!!!

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Steve said...

Congrats Paul, Gold and Silver, seems like you had a great day.