Monday, May 12, 2008


Had an MRI on my dodgy right knee the other day. Apparently it's not good news!! The following is the report.....

Clinical History: MCL and meniscal tear?

Findings: Horizontal tear involves the posterior horn of the medial meniscus with the tear extending to the mid third inferior articular surface. Lateral meniscus intact. Articular cartilage over the medial and lateral compartments is satisfactory. Aticular cartilage of the pattelofemoral joint also intact. There is a small to moderate sized Baker's cyst present. There is a small effusion suprapatellar bursa of the knee joint. The ACL is slightly thickened and increased in signal and suggestive of a low grade sprain. PCL intact. The collateral ligaments are normal in appearance. Exterior tendon mechanism and popliteus are satisfactory.


1. Horizontal tear posterior horn medial meniscus.
2. Low grade ACL sprain.
3. Small effusion and moderate sized Baker's cyst.

All of which Jeroen will understand! All I need to know is that the treatment is a) necessary, b) will fix the problem and c) how log will I be off of training???

Info: The medial meniscus and lateral meniscus are specialized structures within the knee. These crescent-shaped shock absorbers between the tibia and femur have an important role in the function and health of the knee. Once thought to be of little use, the menisci (plural) were routinely removed when torn. Now we know that the menisci contribute to a healthy knee because they play important roles in joint stability, force transmission, and lubrication. When possible, they are repaired if injured. There are even experimental attempts to replace a damaged meniscus, possibly an important advance in orthopaedic medicine. There are two categories of meniscal injuries - acute tears and degenerative tears.

An acute tear usually occurs when the knee is bent and forcefully twisted, while the leg is in a weight bearing position.

BJJ 101......

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Steve said...

I suppose the upshot is that REST is in order. Sounds like a lengthy rest as well.