Monday, May 26, 2008

UFC 84

Couldnt think of a beter way to spend a Sunday arvo (dont tell my wife) than with good mates, (Jeroen, Dave, Harry, Marco and Jason) some nibblys, refreshments and watching a few blokes smashing the shit out of each other!!! Knockouts, passouts and tapouts there was a bit of everything. Even Tito nearly pulled of a triangle/armbar with seconds to go in the final round against Machida! Keith Jardine should have Eccyed up and gone to a rave instead of getting knocked out by Silva in 38secs of the first round and BJ Penn played "smash your face" with Sheck before introducing his knee to Shecks face.

Dave had an appointment with a mop, sink and clothes line and had to rush of at the end which really left the rest of us questioning his manhood.... (again dont tell my wife!)

Friday night training is a great idea so make sure we all support it to keep it going. Hopefully Dave wont have vaginal duties that night and will be able to attend!!!

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