Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bellator IX Highlight - Chad Leonhardt KOs Dan Keenan

Part of an interview Eric Wong did with Chad Leonhardt regarding this fight and his training.

Eric: You’ve been following my Ultimate MMA S&C program for a couple months now, so what was your S&C training like before? And what is the difference you feel physically?

Chad: Before Eric I just kinda winged me S&C from a lot of things I had seen and thought might work. A lot of half ass circuits that really hurt me more than they did me good.

Since starting with Eric my cardio has been sick I mean I can do a 5 round fight with UFC caliber guys and hold my own just because I have the cardio to keep it going on the ground or standing.

But more than anything it’s been the mental part that has helped me most. I know my cardio is great so I just get after it knowing my opponent can’t keep up with me and knowing he knows I wont stop coming at him.

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