Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Training Session

On night shift this week so in lieu of training tomorrow lunchtime (when I'll be counting kimura's) I went to Chadstone for a roll. I'm very happy with my jiu jitsu at the moment. I learnt a couple of good points in relation to hopping off the mount and the triangle defence that we practiced last Tuesday was very effective.... I rolled with a couple of relatively new guys during the course of the session and was stunned to hear them tell me that I moved so well, etc, etc. If only they new!!! Still I must admit to feeling quite a sense of accomplishment (thanks to Jeroen's excellant coaching!!) in the short 9 months that I've been training. Of course I encouraged them to continue and told them the difference in their game would sky rocket over the coming months. I also gave up positions to them so that they weren't always getting squashed and then worked my way back to a better position. Big Steve took us for tournament training which was pretty tough and the Chady boys and girl (Sam) are looking in pretty good shape for the Vic's. See you on the mat!!!!

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