Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Great Training Session

Who'd of thought, me and Niall senior students for the night!!!!! Had a class full of new guys so we did some basic Jiu Jitsu 101 for the 1st hour (basics always win fights!!) and then Jeroen put us in the middle for some very good round robin rolling with everyone else. This certainly reinforced a couple of things.
1. This shit works!!!
2. Just because this shit works, doesn't mean it's gonna work straight away!!!

Starting out reletively easy with the new guys, I was surprised at first with their flat out try and beat you approach! Had to work pretty hard to get the submissions but was happy to get there in the end.... Hopefully the guys keep on training and stop looking at youtube!!! Well at least the leg locks on there because my effing knee is killing me again having escaped a couple of flat out leg lock attempts!!! All in all an extremely informative session with Jeroen answering questions in his own hands on manner. For example, if you drop your hips like this...... The questions sort of stopped coming after that!

My 9yr old son Grant thought it was great showing the new guys how proficient he is with the rear naked choke. It was quite amusing watching the facial characteristcs go through the following changes:

All smiles (he's only a skinny kid)
Shit I'd better do something here (turning red)
Ngghhhhhhhh (can't breathe, can't be beaten by a kid!!)
NNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHH (mummy!!!!) (turned blue)
All smiles again!

I get the impression that the Navy blokes who came along will definately return if only to try and throttle each other!!!!

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