Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I ended up getting to training late last night due to work committments but bounced on to the mat raring to get amongst it. I was very pleased to see Niall back at training after his triathalon adventures!!! We started training at the same time and although I have the weight advantage, we were pretty much equal as far as everything else goes. Except Niall's lung capacity that is!! Anyway I must say that I enjoyed experiencing a slight advantage when rolling with Niall obviously due to his not training for the last few months and me training. It's good to see this stuff work!!

A little later I rolled with Dave after Coach Lynders gave him a "Pep Talk" regarding finishing and killing!!!! This led to me tapping quite vigorously and being "grounded" as to where I am and where I hope to go. All in all another rewarding training session with Jeroen pointing out the mistake of falling into the other persons guard (being a familiar position to be in) instead of consolidating a better position outside of guard. I also learnt that Dave could more than likely crush a bowling ball with one arm!

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Steve said...

I don't believe it.....Work held you up.....what's happening?