Friday, December 28, 2007

A Work In Progress....

Rolled at Chadstone today and picked up a few things that I'll incorporate into my game. At the moment and for a while now, I've been to flat on my back!!! When my guard is passed I'm ending up either turning the wrong way or staying on my back and getting squashed. I had a good roll with Richard and saw that he anticipates which side I'm looking at passing on and turns in to that side before I move. I rolled into turtle a couple of times, as Jeroen suggested, when I knew they were passing and this worked well for me. Also dropping the bottom hand down to block them turning in when I managed to pass also made it much easier to get around. Getting into half guard I'm finding myself facing the wrong way. I try to turn back in and either lose the leg in my half guard or end up flat on my back. Big Steve pointed out that I need to hip out more and I realised that I wasn't sticking my arse out at the same time.... All in all a great session and really good to see Big Tom back on the mat!!!!

Demian Maia Science Of Jiu-Jitsu Defending The Guard Pass

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Steve's Stuff said...

Lets play word/phrase association:

flat on my back,
good roll with Richard,
Big Steve,
Big Tom,

hmmm, imagine someone speed reading what do you think they would conjure up.

Jokes aside, seems like you're really taking to BJJ. Keep at it.