Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... What happened???

Haha well it finally happened I popped my choked out cherry at training Tuesday night!!!!  Being the demonstration dummy for Coach Lynders' triangle from guard I managed to have a quick nap.  I remember the first demo and tapping cos I was feeling the tingly head sensation and coach apologised and relaxed his legs then I remember thinking why am I sleeping at training?  Why is it so hard to move?  I gotta get up the guys will think I'm a dickhead what am I doing laying down?  I must be dreaming..... hang on a minute.... what happened? Then I was back in the room feeling a little sheepish but none the less very relaxed!!!!  I absolutely have no recollection whatsoever of even getting to that tingly stage again, it was simply lights out.  thank fuck it happened at training and not in a comp and really, thank fuck I didn't piss myself!!!! See ya on the mat!

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