Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wong's Top 10 Ways To get Lean Fast!!!!!!!!

The following is from Eric WONG my online strength and conditioning coach who's programmes are really specific for what we do.

Not sure if it's got to do with the nice weather we're having and the imposing shirtless days at the beach, but I thought I'd give you my Top 10 ways to get lean fast...

Everyone loves Top 10 lists right?

This one will some good, actionable advice mixed with irreverent humour. Thanks CagePotato.

Well OK then let's get at it:

1.  Drink only WATER all day, everyday (and maybe some herbal tea without honey or sugar)

2.  Dedicate 1 day a week to eating whatever the heck you want

3.  The rest of the time, eat nothing but meats you cook yourself, fruit, vegetables and carbs only after training

4.  Set a time to go to the grocery store twice a week

5.  If you're gonna drink, do it only once a week, but make sure you go to a bar to do it and hit on the girlfriend of the biggest guy in the bar... you're bound to burn off some of the calories in the scuffle (or at least you'll diet in jail)

6.  Stick to a training program and make PROGRESS every workout

7.  Eat at half the speed you currently eat and if you feel kinda full, ask yourself, "Am I satisfied now?" and if you are, stop eating

8.  Fail to plan, plan to fail - PLAN ahead the night before what you're going to eat and when and make sure you have it

9.  Before continuing, drop down and do as many pushups as you can... Do this every time you find yourself browsing the internet mindlessly.

10.  And the #10 strategy for getting lean fast is...

10. Set a goal and a date, then give someone $500 (or better yet, $1000) and tell them they get to keep it if you don't hit your goal. If you don't have the cash, give them something you value more than the cash.

That's it!

Hopefully you can take something away from this if your goal is to get lean. But if you just take 1 thing, do #10!

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