Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mick's Visit

Last night Mick MALONEY owner and head honcho of Mildura Martial Arts and a mate of mine for around 15 years came down to the club and had a roll with the boys at training.  Fresh off of a very succesful campaign at the recent Victorian Championships ( 2 gold and a silver in the purple belt division) Mick very happily took part in the first hour of beginners skill training then another hour and a bit of advanced training and rolling.  Mick is a John DONOHUE blue belt and is extremely profficient on the mat.  He is a very forward thinking and unselfish martial artist and this was evident with his sharing with us a couple of his "secret weapon" moves which were sneaky, painful and did i mention sneaky and painful?? Great stuff!  Anyway Mick is keen to host any of us at his club and we've sort of discussed maybe a bus trip up there and incorporating paintball, drinking, cow tipping, banjo picking, cousin dating and whatever else the country folk do for entertainment!!!  See you on the mat.....

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