Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here are the top 7 reasons why being in top shape is KEY to being a successful mixed martial artist from strength and fitness coach Eric WONG :

1) Because you'll pick up techniques and skills faster because you're not sucking wind in class, accelerating your development as a fighter

2) Your coaches will respect you more and spend more time with you because you pick things up faster and you're always ready for more

3) You're less likely to get injured because your muscles do a better job protecting your joints

4) You'll be able to beat guys with more skill because you can tire them out then take advantage of them

5) Your physique will throw your opponent off mentally, especially if they're not confident in their conditioning

6) You'll be able to push the pace of the fight and do what you want to do

7) You'll be more relaxed and confident knowing that you can go the distance and still maintain a high level of output

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