Thursday, November 1, 2007

Making the best of a bad situation!

Had to miss the last 2 training sessions now because of my dodgy knees!!! Not happy Jan! Still rather than wallow in self pity and beat myself up over it, I went and filmed the boys training on Tuesday night. Not only did I get support from you all it was really good actually watching what Jeroen was teaching from a different perspective, ie the sidelines. The added bonus of recording it was that I can watch it again and again and hopefully reinforce the techniques in my mind. This way when I get back on the mat I won't be to far behind the 8 ball. Not surprisingly the blokes who have been at it longer looked really polished and by watching everyone, I got a much better appreciation of the subtleties involved in the basic moves. Dave as an example did a really nice simple sweep on Klaus from his guard with great knee position and Chris passes Andrew's guard keeping his weight on him throughout. Andrew's sound effect towards the end really shows what the right amount of weight applied can do...... See you on the mat!

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