Sunday, November 18, 2007

2007 Pan Pacs

Where do I start? It was a long day but a good day.... Headed up with Big Rick (aka The Champ) and my eldest boy Grant looking forward to a great day. Checked out the draw and found out there was only me and another bloke in my division. White Belt Senior 2, over 79kg. 5 blokes in Ricks division White Belt Senior 2 Fat F#@%ks!

Met up with Jeroen, Jason, Dave, Tony, Niles, Klaus, Chris and Big Tom and got settled. Niles was first up winning by submission with a very nice Ezekial choke from mount. Jason was up next in no gi and got stalled out to lose on points. Rick, Tom and Chris followed with Rick and Chris both winning their divisions and Tom not having his best day... You looked flat buddy!!! Klaus lost his roll by a single sweep (10 lessons my arse!!!) and I finally got to roll and ended up sweeping and mounting from guard to win on points. I could here Jeroen coaching from the side and it helped me to settle and consolidate my position once I pulled guard. The Chadstone boys did well and I managed to capture quite a few rolls on video.

Looking forward to No Gi training now and staying injury free for at least the next week or so!!! See you on the mat!

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