Saturday, September 22, 2007


Wow what a day!!! At the 2007 Australian Jiu Jitsu Champions Cup at the Aquatic Centre today Jeroen and Jason both took out gold medals in their respective divisions. Loaded the car up with my 3 kids and Dave and his 2 and off we went. We got there just after Jason won with a flying armbar (I can't believe I missed it!!) I was revved up to see Jeroen compete! This is the first jiu jitsu competition I've been to so I was looking forward to seeing how they are run, etc. Pretty relaxed but a bit all over the place as far as whose fighting who and when! But what do i know? Regardless I really enjoyed myself and seeing how I had my 3 young kids with me, thats saying something. Niles and Chris from Mornington were there and it was great to see the guys from Extreme Chadstone and Ringwood competing and overall they all did very well. Jeroen flowed well and squashed the absolute shit out of his competitors, dominating every match and winning two gold medals. Well done again to all!!!!

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