Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ahh The Serenity.....

Well we arrived in the Philippines on 23/01/2008 and have pretty much consumed way to much food and alcohol!!!! Not to mention the smokes.... All my plans of training have pretty much gone up in smoke apart from a few rigorous cross country runs around the hills here. On the plus side my body is feeling pretty well pain free apart from a touch of sciatica which I've been treating with liberal amounts of beer. The only back crakers here are the pretty young sorts and they are sadly off limits so I guess I'll have to take the pain until I return to Jeroen's magic hands.

We are off to Manila on Sunday for a couple of days so I'll hopefully get on the mat there and again hopefully not disgrace the Extreme name. I'll try and capture the action and post again soon after. Looking forward to getting back and getting my arse kicked!!!

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