Friday, November 21, 2008

Bloody Hell!!!!!!

I am scared.
I am not ready.
I competed last year.
My wife will not let me.
I got promoted too early.
I do not trust the referees.
I need to work on my cardio.
I cannot afford to get injured.
I am not as good as those guys.
I do not want to let the team down.
I am still working on my game-plan.
Everyone will remember if I do badly.
I have not been training much recently.
I am just not in the right mindset right now.
I retired from competing once I got this belt.
I cannot get down to my weight-class that quickly.

And so the slippery slope of excuses for not competing goes.

Bar one excuse I have never heard; I only have one leg.

Here is something that will inspire you; a video of a lady with one leg competing.

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