Thursday, September 4, 2008

Somethings you just cant avoid!!!!!

What a way to start off at our new training venue! Having not rolled with the big unit for a while now I jumped in last night for a bit of a squashing session. You know what they say about big units don't you? DUUHHHH I CAN LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS!!!!!! I know you didn't mean to fold my arm like a pretzel and snap my elbow big fella but you did so my gammy elbow is on you!!!!!!! Just kidding but remember AAAHHHHH is the same as a tap just a LOT more urgent.... Having said that it was a great night. Had a great roll with Travis (nice choke man) and actually managed to pass Jason's guard for about a nanosecond before getting plenty more tapping practice. Did a heap of triangle practice in stages and I felt more and more comfortable as we went along. Of course come Saturday I'll have forgotten the key ingredients and end up getting stacked and passed but hey... I got plenty of years left in me to get it right!!! (As long as the big bastard doesn't break anything else!!) Anyway found a guy called Chris GUARINO on youtube has a few of his matches posted and he reminded me of Jason being how he is fast, flexible and pretty good!!! Mind you Jase has more hair and less tattoos... He's competed in the ADCC and there are quite a few of his matches on youtube.

I found one of him competing as a purple belt in GI where he wins by triangle submission. I like how he adjusts his cross collar grip, snaps his legs up and holds the guy and then adjusts a couple of times before he gets the tap. Again just my novice opinion and I'm sure Coach Lynders will set me straight if it was shit! Seeya on the mat (in a couple of weeks....)

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