Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dominance MG Winter Gi Tournament

Another good day for Mornington Extreme!! Myself, Dave, Nhial, Marco, Ricky and Daniel all through our hats in the ring and had a crack at the annual Dominance winter gi tourny!!

As Jeroen has pointed out it's a great way to get your feet wet and have several rolls in preperation for the Vics, Pan Pacs, etc...

Nhial, Ricky and Daniel were up first all competing in the same division. Daniel went for the flying armbar on his first roll and nearly cinched it. Swapping to the other arm he tapped out his opponent with a very nice armbar!!! Ricky lost his first roll on points but then won the next two and lost his last one against Nhial.

Nhial won all his fights by submission and is really nice to watch. First Place Nhial Second Place Ricky! Well done boys.

Dave had his first roll and won by submission against a spirited opponent who really pushed the pace. Dave and I were in the same division and my first roll was with Dave. Still a bit shattered from his first roll we tapped hands and got into it. It became evident to me early on that Dave's gas tank was still a bit depleted and I managed to hold out from an ezekial attempt from dave which nearly shattered my jaw!!

I managed to pass his guard (still working that out) and then those hours of watching Coach Donahue's videos payed off when I snuck my knee ride in to inch ahead on points right at the end!!

Marco had a tough division with some hard competition and managed second place overall. Well done mate.

Dave ended up 2nd place in our division to Sam who trains at Chadstone Extreme.

I'm uploading all the fights to youtube which is taking forever. If you type in Dominance MG Winter Tournament and hit search you'll be able to see them as they go on. I've got one of each of us at the moment.

Well done to all and the next Dominance tourny is in August so we'll get amongst it again! See you on the mat....

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